Welcome to Medical Protection

During the last few months the world is going through a major transition caused by a virus and made every single person to think about their loved ones and its own safety which caused this new phenomenon social distancing.

In a chaotic world, driven by hysteria and fear of pandemic events 2 gentlemen met their vision to establish a brand “Medical Protection” to serve the world population and provide them with a quality products for a personal and medical protection.

The personal protective equipment has become part of our daily life. No object better symbolises the pandemic than the mask, and no object better explains the world into which the pandemic arrived. “Medical Protection” quickly realised that the mask sang out to our deepest consumeristic impulses. In the absence of a drug or a vaccine, the mask is the only material protection we can buy; it’s a product.


Medical Protection is a global sourcing company, specialized in PPE (personal protective equipment). Working with established and licensed manufacturers across Europe and Turkey, we make supply available to small, medium and large businesses, hospitals and governments worldwide.

Our mission is to provide high quality products at competitive prices with the focus on medical professionals battling on the frontlines.


Global outbreak of Covid-19, rising demand, panic buying, hoarding and misuse have resulted in a severe and mounting disruption to the worldwide supply of PPE, putting lives of healthcare professionals and patients at risk.

The global market environment of these goods have since turned very volatile and obscure. Unqualified manufacturers producing unlicensed protective equipment and malicious distributors and brokers reselling these poor products at extortionate prices. These issues contributed to the global shortage of PPE, spread of counterfeits and rising prices.


Having connections to an extensive network of certified suppliers acknowledged worldwide we provide high quality products tailored to specific needs and requirements of our customers. Our primary objective is the safety of our customers, health care workers, patients and other parties using the products we supply – therefore we offer competitive and transparent pricing, price reductions on large orders, and short lead time.


*To further protect interested parties, we offer flexible payment terms which are discussed upon order placement and signing purchase contracts.

Since quality concerns is one of the biggest issues in effective allocation of PPE, we offer a multi-layer quality proof to our customers. In addition to manufacturer compliance certificates we provide a third party quality check before the goods are shipped. The buyer can choose a preferred party to conduct this check or use the specialist appointed by us. In an unlikely event of the quality check outcome being negative we do not ship the goods.

Refer to our ‘Products’ section for the list of products we offer but are not limited to. We are constantly expanding our network of manufacturers in order to to provide as many types of PPE as possible, frequently adding new products and adapting to the pace of the market. Flexibility and tailoring of stock is of utmost importance to us – share your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.